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Ever Heard of MySpace? Try BunSpace, a fun way to get to know our adoptable rabbits and meet other rabbits near you!

Adoptable Critters

Want to know more about our adoptable pets? Simply click on the pet critter to see a description and more pictures!

We want to find the best possible home for our friends, which is why we ask for references. Our rescue pets have already been moved from at least one home, which is stressful. They come to love their family, just as you or I come to love a pet. To limit the stress of moving rabbits from home to home, we do our best to make sure each adopting family understands the needs of its new companion and is willing and able to provide for him/her for life. Please do not get discouraged if you "fall in love" with a rabbit or other critter at an event, only to find out you can't take him/her home right away. We want the absolute best for our rescue pets and it may take a little while to determine if you're the perfect forever home for one of our rescue pets. Thank you for understanding and we look forward to meeting you!

Adopting a pet saves 2; the pet adopted and the one who takes his/her place. Will you consider saving 2 or more companion animals?