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About Rascally Rabbit Rescue

Rascally Rabbit Rescue and Critter Haven of Arizona was founded August 28th, 2006. Since that date, RRR has rescued numerous rabbits, gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs.

We are an All-Volunteer Run rescue organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating small animals. We dedicat a lot of time to educating the public about these wonderful pets. Our rescue, though small, is slowly growing. We now have 3 directors, 3 foster homes and a few volunteers who attend events. We always need foster homes to keep our rescue growing and allow current foster homes to only foster a few at a time. Anyone interested in fostering is encouraged to apply.

We keep all of our rescue pets in foster homes so they are properly rehabilitated and learn to trust humans again. Keeping them in foster homes doesn't allow us to rescue hords of animals, however it allows us to keep each animal happier and healthier with plenty of food, exercise and loving care.

We follow House Rabbit Society guidelines and policies for keeping and caring for our rabbits. All three of the direcotrs are HRS Educators; one of which has a HRS Sanctuary Home for rabbits otherwise not adoptablbe due to disability, illness or behavioral issues. Some of these rabbits are adoptable as "Special Needs Rabbits", which allows the rescue and HRS the ability to keep a close eye on these rabbits and their well-being, as well as have a "say" in their medical care. However, most will live out their lives in the Sanctuary Home.

We are NOT accepting any pets at this time do to a lack of space in our foster homes and lack of funds. We ask that you first reconsider giving your family member up. We are more than happy to discuss the many reasons why you should keep your pet, including the fact that so many are euthanized daily, rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, and hamsters included, because there are not enough loving homes for all of them. However, if you feel you must give up your loved one, please contact other rabbit rescues or take your pet to the Arizona Humane Society. Never, under any circumstances, should you release any domesticated animal into the wild. This means death to that animal, whether it be from predators, the heat, starvation or being hit by a car. The Humane Society is a far better alternative to setting a pet loose, and many rescues take pets from the Humane Society when they have space, us included. If you have a behavioral or medical question, please feel free to contact us, as we love educating people about their pets.


Deana Mae Nelson


Deana is the rescue's founder and creator and owner of Critter Cookies with 4 years experience as a veterinary technician. She has a BS in Geology from Texas Christian University and a big love for little animals. Founding the rescue in 2006 was a small step in a long-time dream of helping these precious pets find perfect homes. She is a strong believer in education as being necessary to any good cause, including caring for rabbits, guinea pigs and other pets. She enjoys rock hunting and camping in her spare time (when the rabbits allow it!) She currently works at a luxury resort in Scottsdale, AZ, in addition to baking and selling Critter Cookies, a healthy, all-natural treat for rabbits, small mammals, birds and dogs.

Claudia Vargas (speaks Spanish)


Claudia was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, and currently lives in Chandler, working for a local medical school. She received her Bachelor of Science in Las Cruces, NM at New Mexico State University, majoring in Biology. She and her husband Tony foster for the rescue. In her spare time, she enjoys watching T.V., scrapbooking, beading, hikes on a nice day, and coming back to El Paso to visit family and friends..

Laurie Gigous


Laurie is a long-time member of the House Rabbit Society as a Sanctuary Home for disabled rabbits, Educator, and she is a member of the national board. She cares for several sanctuary rabbits in her home and is dedicated to educating others about these special animals. In her spare time she makes lotion, soap, and jewelry to help pay for her masters’ care (those house guests are really the home-owners!).

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